Saturday, January 5, 2013

Whatever Happened to Full TV Seasons?

I miss the days of full seasons of TV shows. I'm tired of half-seasons and mini-seasons and "mid-season finales." For the past several weeks, I get a little angry every Sunday night when I remember that, no, there will be no new Walking Dead that evening. Then on Monday, my state o'peeve continues when I'm reminded that Revolution is in its "break." What the crap? Tuesday? No SOA for you! Wednesday? Ha! Thursday? Last Resort has gone deep. Friday? I'm on the Fringe of madness, I tell you. I'm starting to forget what Walter White even looks like, much less what day of the week he used to appear.

Who remembers 24? Jack Bauer knew how to keep a story going, by golly. 24 thrilling weeks of ticking mayhem.

Then Keifer gets me feeling all Touchy and bails after a handful of episodes. Cullen Bohannon is never gonna finish that railroad at this pace, at least not before the skitters fall from the skies. Wait, must rethink that. The skitters are on PAUSE too.