Sunday, December 30, 2012

A big HOWDY from Texas!

While I've done a bit of blogging in the past, this is the official first entry in this blog devoted purely to story. Fear not; I'll not get verbose in this intro. I'm Jerry. I love reading and writing and watching movies and great TV and listening to tales around a cozy fire. In addition to daily Bible reading, I mainly read thrillers. I'll watch a huge variety of high quality movies and TV.

On the writing front, I write thrillers. Modern influences who come to mind are Grisham, DeMille, Connelly, Preston/Child, Flynn, Thor, and many others. I've been agented twice. Two different novels, one per agent. I've been watching the recent shift in the publishing world and decided to go independent with one of those novels, PAWNBROKER, a Southern thriller. It's on Amazon now and during the first week of January it will go live on a host of other online bookseller sites.

Thanks for being here!

COMING SOON:  All manner of unsolicited wisdom and commentary.

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