Monday, April 22, 2013

An interesting discovery...

Thanks to so many of you who responded to my survey on book titles! I'm humbled and sincerely grateful to y'all. (Yup, a definite Southerner I am!)

Thanks to Grateful Pieter for this awesome image. :)

Although responses are still coming in on the survey, one thing has already become clear:  The public isn't at all wild about the current descriptive blurb for Seven Unholy Days. (That current blurb is pasted below.) If you've already read the book, your suggestions on ways to improve it would be welcome. (It's easy to contact me via my website at

Technology and insanity combine to create a very bad week for the United States and the world. In this unputdownable thriller, celebrity geek Matt Decker is on top of the world until his flagship creation, the system that runs the U.S. power grid, is attacked. Chaos follows as someone sets out to create their own version of Revelation's apocalypse.

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