Thursday, January 24, 2013

A few recent movie thoughts...

Hansel and Gretel - Witch Hunters strange little movie. Based on a story published by the brothers Grimm in 1812, it seemed odd to me that a phonograph was playing in the woods. Ditto the fully automatic crossbow. Double-ditto the wind-up stun-gun/defibrillator. And of course the f-bombs are such a touch for any fairy tale. Bottom line? No.

Zero Dark Thirty

Intense and authentic feeling start to finish. Superb acting. Flawless writing. And it of course ended with Bin Laden in a bag. Most definitely.

Gangster Squad

Not as good as it could've been, but still highly entertaining with some excellent acting. I'm not a Sean Penn fan but in this role he gives a must-see performance. Downright frightening, enough so that it's hard to imagine the real Mickey Cohen being any spookier a presence. Yup.

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